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Creative English Coaching Centre


21st  Century street, Argaghat, Giridih


Giridih ’s Top English Institute.

Name is Enough .


We provide coaching classes for intermediate, B.A(ENG  Hons & Sub) . Special classes for competitive Exam –Bank P.O,NDA,SSC,UDC,LDC,Stenographer,Railway,SBI,etc.

We have been in the teaching service since 2005. We provide best classes for students esp. who are very weak in English . we conduct extra classes on Sundays. Students can attend the institute for back classes on Sundays if they have any problems .


English written and speaking course as per details:- 

 Classes                                                Fee                                               Duration

Intermediate (1st year)                   300 pm                                       8 months

  • Intermediate (2nd year)            2000                                              9 months
  •      1st  -1100

2nd Inst.-1100


   B.A(ENG.HONS)-1.sem(1)               fee                                                  Duration

2500                                                4 Months

2.sem(2)               2500                                                4 months

3.sem(3)              3000                                                 4 months

4.sem(4)                3000                                                 4months

5.sem(5)                   3500                                                  5 months
6.sem(6)                   3500                                                  5 months
   Spoken English-                                          fee                                    Duration

                                                                           2400                                      8 months           Competitive Exam:                           400( Per month)                        ————–                    


special features –

*Expert guidance.

*Chapter wise  test facility.

*Comprehensive teaching .

*Special extra classes on Sundays 4.00 – 6.00 pm

*Oral test every week.

* Complete coverage of syllabus within time and  revisions.

*Expected  marks up to——- 90%

*Revision  of objective as well as subjective question.

*Doubt or problem classes while class is on .

*Strict  discipline.

* No fun or joke classes.

We have devoted to students since 2005 . we conduct  classes mock tests regular interval to check the knowledge of students . In this process , we find students who are weak in study . we also conduct classes or give more time for those who are very weak in English.

We also invite talented students who can speak and write English fluently . They can increase their knowledge as per guidelines . our institute give  a golden chance for those who want to become a good and talented English teacher.
*we are with you and success is yours.
Note :- we provide notes and study materials for the students of B.A(Eng-Hons-sem 1-6)


*Nothing is impossible if you try .

*If you work hard and know where you want to go ,you will reach .

*There is no short-cut way for success .

*Success is not wonder ,but it is your best effort .

*Constant study in any field will make you a great master .

*you are the important person of the world , you can do anything and everything .

*Know your worth and get success .

*If your thinking is positive ,your inner conscience will support you .

*A man is recognized by his work .

*If you think you can do , you can do .


Contact:. E-mail – js tiwari grd

*Mobile :. 9430314612        (only night -8-9pm)



Visiting Timing:. Morning 6-11am


Director J. S.Tiwari


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